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Why is the time on the calendar of my Traveler 535 an hour off?
This is due to the Daylight Savings Time (DST) change. Please download the DST patch from our downlo...
The contact point of my stylus is not quite precise. What should I do about it?
Align the screen and the touch screen can respond to the operation o...
My Traveler 535 will not turn on. What should I do?
Make sure the battery on the Traveler 535 has enough power. You should charge the ...
The screen of Traveler 535 froze and the system does not respond. What should I do about it?
Perform a soft reset your Traveler 535. This means to re-start the whole system ...
The hardware button on my Traveler 535 is not responding or opens up the wrong program. What should I do?
Tap Settings, the Personal tab, and then Buttons. Check each button for correct se...
Why my Traveler 535 does not make any sound?
Tap the speaker icon on the top right of the screen...
How do I perform a soft reset on my device? How do I perform a hard reset?
Soft Reset Use the stylus to lightly press and hold t...
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How do I set up my e-mail account on my device?
Your Outlook E-mail account is ready to use. However, you need to set up an e-mail ...
The voice prompts inside of Ostia are not working what can I do about this?
Go To Start > Settings > Sounds & Notifications > and make sure that ...
Will I be able to use 3rd party mapping software my Traveler 535?
The Pharos GPS receiver will work with any mapping software application provided ...
I am using Microsoft Windows Vista, and ActiveSync will not recognize Traveler 535. How do I fix this?
In order to synchronize your Traveler 535 you will need an upgraded version of Microsoft Ac...
My Traveler 535 and ActiveSync cannot be executed or make a connection. What should I do about it?
Make sure you have installed ActiveSync version 4.2 or above. The CD accompanying ...
What features does the Traveler 535 have?
The latest version of Microsoft Windows Mobile version 5.0 software Ostia...
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